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Drill Bit Benchmarking Techniques
28 September 2020
Hi everyone,

I'm looking at various drill bit benchmarking techniques pre and post drilling for my project.

Anyone would like to share their experience and thoughts on new benchmarking techniques?

I would appreciate if you could also share some materials on the topic. 

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I´m afraid that most of the bit performance reports are misleading - they miss the essential (reaming and/or fishing, as a result of the bit intervention).

In my experience dated since 1966 only two bit designers did/do attempt to correct it: RBI (RockBit Intí , formerly Globe) and the Modern Halliburton approach.
E.g. by design RBI ensures a cylindrical hole.

The"auld" bit records, only cover footage and  time on bottom. They ignore the required reaming and the imposed fishing (both penalizing the next bit, leaving the culprit in the clear!)
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Short benchmarking summary process outline as attached. 

In specific terms of new techniques for Bits (based on 40years of drilling experience)
- Focus on MSE (these metrics will indicate if a bit is drilling good or not)

- Take a 3p's evidence based approach
1. Physcial (parts) evidence
2. People Evidnece
3. Paper (evidence)

- Learn  how to truly measure, drill, maintain, manage and control optimal (loss/waste free) near perfect cylinders.

Note: The more one deteriorates from near perfect cylinder (for what ever reasons to be determined)? The more probable bit /wellbore section delivery performance will follow suit.

Too often bit / wellbore sections performance will not reflect what actually resulted when drilling the section. 

- Truly know and understand ones drilling limits. 

Where, Today it is much easier to drill one-self into a much bigger (loss/waste) problem than simply measuring on bottom ROP.

- Get the bit companies involved (they have the software to run the engineering programs etc warranted.) 

- Empower and get the engineers/Supervisors who select/run the bit intimately involved.

- There are only two means to improve the bit drilling process.
1. Incrementally.
2. Via radical change. 

Wishing you success in your research and studies. 


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