Experience with stabbing and M/U of 20" BTC connections on a semi-submersible

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As preparations for an upcoming virtual (online) DWOP, I'm reading a Drilling Programme that has a mixed string of 20" casing, including 24 jjoints of 94 lb/ft with  BTC connections. The well will be drilled off a moored semi-sub.

I am concerned about being able to stab and M/U these connections (to the visual marks) safely and efficiently.  I recall, in the North Sea, that we even had problems with the lighter 13-3/8" 68 lb/ft casing and ended up adopting a No-Cross Coupling design.

Perhaps I'm being over-anxious, but I'd value input from the forum, especially those who have been personally involved in running such large strings on a floating rig.



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