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Wireline fishing operation with the well still producing
03 January 2021

 I am sending you on behalf of a company man the link of a very important question posted in LinkedIn (I couldn't copy past the question wording)

He is asking about the fishing method of some tools and a part of a cut slick line from the well which is already in production without killing the well. You may find our discussion in the comments part of the post in LinkedIn.
Your answers are much appreciated.

Thank you.

 SY Berrouigat


Note from moderator (DaveTaylor of rp-squared: I have cut and paste (and tidied up) the original question, as below

"While running in hole to (control top sediment) TD 4000 m with slickline unit,  from surface to 600 m the gas well was shut-in. However, at 600m, we opened the well according to instructions received. The hydraulic wing valve quickly opened, creating a ∆p very large ,so the flow pushed back the  tool string from 600 m to Surface, the wire gets cut, and the BHA with 600 m wire is lost and drops to the bottom of the hole .
  • Could you give us the best procedure to pulling wire+ BHA ?"
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I have the same feeling as everyone who has answered this prior to me.
I also saw this on Linkedin and my first feeling was to answer there, but I could not stop thinking the cause of why the fish is there in the first place.
The description given points to the reason being inexperience in wireline and intervention operations in general.
I would suggest contracting a professional to advise operations going forward.
As Dave and Gordon expressed, there are many of us here and available.
Best of luck.

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From the way the LinkedIn post was written, it seems the supervisor in the field in unfamiliar with slickline or it the basics let alone wireline fishing. But what is more apparent that when a well get flowed for production during a routine slickline work shows malpractice from all parties involved. 

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Reading across in Linked-IN, we all know what the root cause of this was.

I am no expert, but flow-assisted fishing of the nature that your colleague (and his management) are talking about is not always a the best approach and/or needs to be carefully risk-assessed.

As Gordon says, there are plenty people out there (many sitting at home) who could help develop and/or review detailed plans in order to give your colleague (and his company) a positive outcome.

In fact, rp-squared are happy to help broker that activity if you like.  Gordon is one of our registered associates:

We have seen perforating guns successfully fished with HWO unit after they were sanded in (?) whilst flowing the well during perforating, and helped with the Programme Review / Risk Assessment.

We now offer this as a remote (online) service, using 'Beyond Video-Conferencing' - see attached.

I hope that helps


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Fishing slickline from producing wells is very common, however reading what caused the fish in the first place indicates that the supervision is unfamiliar with Slickline operations.

With the correct people, equipment and a detailed programme this could be fixed very easily.

It would not be right for me to share all of my fishing knowledge on a common link for free.   However, I would be prepared to engage directly with the client and offer advice (for free initially)

Having been involved in this type of operation for over 35 years I believe  that I can offer the correct suggestions with more information.
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