Strontium sulphate scale cutting

Are there any options to cut Strontium Sulphate scale with slickline tools? I was told that the scale type is compression resistant. We had tried using mere gauge cutters.

Although scale squeeze or coiled tubing will be perhaps best to get rid off this scale, on a routine intervention standpoint of view it is rather tedious as it requires mobilizing a jack-up barge to perform this (platform wireline deck is actually an aluminium helideck).

I had actually recommended Peak Torque Action Debris Breaker (TADB) based on my previous experience working with the tool but unfortunately turned down due to the high cost. Instead, I proposed a collapsible broach to avert getting stuck. 

Would a broach be sufficiently aggressive to break down this sort of scale? I would really appreciate if some with experience with this to provide some understanding on how to tackle this problem.

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