Challenges of running VersaFlex Liner Hanger System

Hi Folks,

I'm just wondering if you have any experience of running VersaFlex liner hanger system in your projects.

What was the tangible benefits over conventional LH systems? 

What challenges have you had while running, cementing, expanding and testing the liner lap (positive and inflow)

Have you run it in tight tolerances? (11 ¾" x 13 5/8") with high MW (up to 17 ppg)

What are the general practices for cementing (design vise and operational vise)

Any issues with the expansion and releasing the running tool? 

Any problem with the liner lap integrity? If so, how did you fi the issue? (run a seal stem and a new expandable LH??)

Any issues during well life cycle for collapse if wet across halite formation?

I really appreciate your feedback.






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