Electroless Nickel Coating OCTG

Hello fellow members,

For a customer we are looking into options of mitigating against corrosion issues with surface and production casing/liner strings.

Coming across an option to apply Electroless Nickel Coatings in the pipe bore. I notice this is more done in production tubings and production liners and seems more a practice in the US and not really in Europe.

Does anyone have experience with this, perhaps even some records of testing? And how would this stay effective on casing strings, e.g. as you drill the next section is there no risk of (partial) loss of the protective coating?

In my view this is more a solution for tubing strings and perhaps completion equipment (packers/ safety valves etc) plus wellhead equipment as well rather than casing strings.


If someone does have good experiences with this, it may be a good solution though.

Hence seeking for some (independent) advise, as the manufacturer (coating company) obviously would say this is a great product (like the second hand car sellers).


Thank you.


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Marcel de Klerk

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