7" Short Liner to cover loss zone

Hello everyone 

We are planning to drill 8½" section with potential heavy losses expected at ±500 ft below 9⅝" shoe. 

In case of able to cure the losses, continue drilling 100 ft, POOH and perform 8½" Coring operation, then plug this section and set 9⅝" Whipstock above 9⅝" float collar (please note that we will only use one joint of 9⅝" shoe track due to limited space to set Whipstock vs Layers thickness). 

In case of unable to cure the losses, we will plan to set 7" liner and cement it, then continue coring operation with 6" core. 

My questions for the experts here are, 

1. Do you have any experiences running 7" short liner with liner length and liner lap are only ±500' and ±30', respectively? any issue with liner lift up/floating due to buoyancy? Any issue during cementing? 

2. Any experiences with other alternatives/technology to seal off loss zone for example, liner without hanger? e.g drop off liner with open hole packer? I attach diagram with contingency short liner for your reference. 

Thank you very much for the feedbacks. 


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