Running a casing scraper before running a conventional liner

Dear all

At a recent DWOP (our 66th ONLINE), the programme called for a scraper run before running the conventional liner.

  • Liner hanger is conventional slip type, rotating, with integral liner-top packer.
  • Well is new well, 7" liner will be hung inside 9-5/8" casing
  • Maximum inclination = 61 degrees
  • Mud type = WBM Potassium/Sodium Formate

We've NEVER come across in the past 40 years experience including the pre-COVID 478 face-to-face workshops.

Of course, when asked if they would recommend a scraper trip before running the liner, the Liner Co said “oh yes”.

I'd be interested in hearing what others are doing and WHY? 

 If anyone is doing this, then would also be good to hear if you're using the on-demand scrapers; and what your experience with them has been.

Thanks and kind regards



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