How to Cut (2) 2-3/8 4.6# 13% Cr Tubing Strings fished from the Wellbore at the rotary table


Here is a first.

Fishing approx 600 m of 2-3/8 Tubing we use as a salt dilution system in Algeria. The fish is roughly broken in two. The fish was caught and retrieved to surface where low and behold we have both strings, currently secured with clamps and slips. Well is stable on trip tank and our well control would be shear rams only. No gas or hydrocarbons at surface the pipe is corroded and clean of oil residue. 

Currently thinking our best method of cutting this tubing without dropping the fish back in the hole.


Current situation

  • (2) strings of 2-3/8” Tubing secured with slips and clamps through the rig floor





  • 2-3/8 4.6# 13% Cr Tubing
  • Length approx. 600m
  • The fish was tagged approx. 339m deeper than expected TOF.
  • Assume that the each fish is ~300m.
  • Both strings recovered through the rig floor (see photos)




  • Cut tubing strings on the rig floor main criticality hot work
  • Drop strings back in hole and fish one at a time if possible criticality further fishing runs, no guarantee of catching fish,


Suggested Plan of Action


  • Full HSE assessment
  • Flush strings with heavy brine
  • Check for an trace of oil or gas
  • Confirm tubing clean or any hydrocarbons inside and out.
  • Cut tubing joints using grinder machine.



On route a Coil Tubing cutter that we can also attempt.


Main point here is that we do the job in the safest and most efficient manner, take our time, no hurry at all.

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