0psi SPP/3bpm - through tubing motor clean out BHA.

Issue: When we test motor shallow nearly 100m we see some pressure but when we get down 1600m we see zero pressure.

Fluid: water 8.4ppg

Shallow test motor: 2bpm / 290psi

1600m test: 2bpm/0psi.

The well is on total losses and the fluid level is around 1000m.

2 7/8" motor: Max. 120gpm and 870psi diff across motor.

We are trying to clean inside 4 ½" tubing which is at 3500m. we are not on depth yet will see what happens when we get it to work.

Any ideas of why we see no pressure with a motor in the hole given that the motor is function tested and ok.                                       



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