Advanced casing design (training)

For those who like myself did the Charlie Prentice advanced casing design, what has changed, please help?

i.e. We are drilling a few more different types of wells so we have a few more special cases to included to solve. HPHT, Deepwater (structural), ERD, high angle, Liners, Expandable, CWD, High temp (geothermal wells) etc. 

As a reminder of Charlies course? You came in on the Monday morning, and you started doing a bunch of non API stuff, working (hand calculating everything), no software or spreadsheets involved  (you did get his awesome spreadsheet at the end). 

As he Ploughed through 16 (yes sixteen) advanced casing design problems, that were cleverly structured in such a way from an easy walk to more complex runs, (With as much as you could keep up within the 5 days)   

Charlie was relentless and you dare not be late at a coffee break or you simply could not catch up.

A brilliant course to hone your casing design skills before going anywhere near Stresscheck etc. 

How things / times have changed?

So to keep my sanity, please help to assist to state why these fundamental courses are still warranted or NOT? 

Where based on recent experiences, participants (typically 100% graduate engineers) want an instructor to tell them everything. To do nothing, come in and out of classes late, when it suits them? Not demonstrating any capability to complete any exercise offered at all. They just sit there chatting to each other!!! Because that seems this generations expected norm today, born lazy!? 

Thoughts, time for change, and improvement suggestions appreciated.

e.g.,  Go on line. Have self assessment after each day. If participant cant cut the cake and make a daily required grade, They don't pass. You need a pass on each day to get a verifiable certificate at the end.    


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