Help us find: 20" Xover joint for Subsea Well

Dear members

This week's challenge.

We need your help to track down one (1), and preferably two (2), joints of 20" casing.

The details are:

  • Minimum and maximum length
    • Min 3m
    • Max 13m
  • Connection type on either end
    • Box: 20" OD X 0.625 WT, VIPER-3ST
    • Pin: 20”OD x 0.812” WT, H60/MT
  • Weight, Grade etc
    • Anything above X65 and 0.625” WT is of interest, as long as connections are compatible.

If you know where these are located, and/or someone else who might be able to assist, please respond here.

Thanks and kind regards


4 Answer(s)

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