Setting an ECP / ACP (inflatable type) across a slotted liner or similar such solutions

Hi all, 

we are evaluating the use of a slotted liner to complete a vertical well across a limestone formation of around ~200 m thickness. However there is an intercalated shale interval in this limestone (~25m thick) 75m below the top of limestone. This shale body may collapse across the slotted liner, and later cause a fill in the annulus between the slotted liner OD and the open hole below the shale body, impeding production over the life cycle of the well.

We require a solution whereby we can use a hydraulically set ACP across the base of this shale (inflatable type) and so the fill will land on top of the packer. Idea is to either set this packer during the process of setting the liner hanger or immediately afterwards, or performing a dedicated trip later to set this packer (after liner running tool is POOH). We want to avoid milling or drilling any item or jewellery inside of this slotted liner/ across the ACP as the liner size would be 5” or 4-1/2” and the torque margins during drilling / milling will be very tight. 

Following are some specs and info:

Last casing shoe and size: 7” 32 ppf, P-110, depth: ~1917m.

4-1/2” or 5” slotted Liner top: ~1850m.

Shale interval depth (top):  ~1992m

Shale interval depth (bttm): ~2017m

4-1/2” or 5” slotted liner shoe: ~2117m.


In the slotted liner string, we have the provision of running liner joints / pup joints without slots across the shale body.

I've come across solutions using inverted swab cups to pressurize against the ACP, however i'm not sure. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

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