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Do you use LOT data or FBP (formation Breakdown Pressure) for casing seat selection?

I'm working as a SDE in a small Middle East company which is actually joint venture between several worldwide partners. And that's a problem.

Today we had a discussion with our partners on Casing Setting Depths selection, and we found out that we use different approaches. What I mean is: I've prepared casing design based on actual LOT data, but our partners say that this is overdesigned, and we need to use formation breakdown pressure (FBP) which allows to eliminate one casing. Please note that our FBP is just calculated value from geomechanics, we never performed XLOT.

Shell's Well Engineering Manual states: For the purpose of Casing Setting Depth either Limit or Leak Off Pressure data should be used. If the FBP is known, it can be used, however the risk of internal blowout is much greater if this pressure is exceeded.

Does anyone have an experience of using FBP for casing setting depth selection? Is it worth it? 





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