Offline make up and rack back 9-5/8", Run in stand with CRT

The plan is to m/up and rack back 9-5/8" (2 jts per stand) using OAC (Offline Activity Centre) and then run in stands with CRT. The connection graphs for these offline casing stands is recorded by the offline power tongs when being M/U.

Is it possible to monitor the new connection make up (at the rotary table) when the casing stands are being run, as the whole stand will now rotate (including the pre-M/U double) or does the new connection while running in has to be torqued-up with power tong?

It is not clear to me which torque will be seen on the graph, new connection mostly and some from the existing stand connection? 

(Yes I've checked with TRS provider, but the answer is not clear). CRT is Volant CRTi.


Thank you!

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