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Foam Cement for surface jobs on a land rig
09 February 2010
Does anyone have any experience of using foam cement at surface on a land rig to cure losses / cement conductors?

Chris Gregory
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Oilsearch, Sydney
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A fast reacting foam slurry would be ideal, something very light weight that can fill some void space which also sets up very quickly. These types of losses can take a while to cure so multiple treatment where we can slowly fill up these fracs/vugs/voids. The foam would have to be very stable at atmospheric pressures and the air be held in with something fairly stout i.e. foam stabilizer, gel etc. Also note that using air is what we should be looking at not N2 if possible as logistically this would be simpler as we can use what they already have on location. As these sections are foam drilled we only need for this treatment to hold a very light weight until we cement and then it would be only a 15.8 ppg tack the shoe cement job, so the foam cement treatment used to treat the losses would not see high pressures for to long.

Please see attached post job report for ADD-5, with recomendations for future jobs. i have also sent this posting link to Halliburton foam cement gurus so that they could provide more details on foam cementing conductors.

Louis Gomatos
Acct Ldr
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