Cementing 30" With No Vent Valve

BG are curently installing Cameron Pre packed wellheads - ie, 30.00"
Conductor string c/w X over to a 20.00" Cement shoe with the 18 3/4"
Wellhead housing pre installed into the 30.00" Housing. The
conductor string is run utilising the 18 3/4" Housing running tool.

The problem we have encountered is that there is no vent valve on
the Cameron running tool to allow air to be expelled from the
conductor string. This has caused problems when cementing due to the
volume of air trapped in the conductor / possibility of cementing in
drill pipe stinger / placement of cement.

Have other operators experienced this problem with the Cameron
system / other wellhead systems and what methods have been used to
overcome the problem of trapped air in the conductor prior to
cementing when no vent valve is installed on running tool.

Many Thanks,

Gus Campbell
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