Displacing liner cement with water to suspend

”œWe are considering a liner job where we will displace the cement
with inhibited seawater, release from the running tools and then
displace the casing x drillpipe-running-string annulus to seawater
The reservoir is gas-filled at normal pressure.

Tools would be conventional liner running equipment (no inner
string) with weight-set liner-top packer; wiper plugs are installed
at liner top and sheared out when the drillpipe dart exits the
stinger at liner top

Please can anyone provide information on jobs done and/or planned,
in particular addressing :

Well control considerations
Contingencies in case running tool leaks during cement job and
places well in under-balanced situation during cement job
Tools and procedures to allow us to take the next leap forward and
OMIT a cased-hole clean-up run
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