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Clearing site for landrigs
21 February 2006
Does anyone know of any correlation between drilling (landrigs) in
limestone and suffering total losses whilst drilling the top hole
(26" hammer drilling) and the possibility of the losses being
exacerbated by the use of high powered explosives used when
constructing the pad?

It was said that a similar problem was encountered in Oman and when
the constructors of the wellsites reverted to a less powerful
explosive, the problems of total losses were reduced.

What are the industry opinions?


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High up in the highlands of Papua New Guinea (6-8000 ft above sea
level) we drill surface holes with land rig penetrating through the
lime-stone and I believe it is normal when total losses occur while
drilling due to fractured lime-stones and lots of cavernous
structures. We normally drill the limestone with no returns and
confirm the next formation by ROP changes.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't think the explosives will make a
huge difference in the construction of cavernous structures which I
believe are natural accruing features in this part of the world.

Thanks "Papua New Guinean"
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Dear Business Associates

Former Shell Gerrit ([email protected]), studied the problem in
detail - even challenging the need to construct such a 'deep pad'.
Lower profile wellheads/higher rig substructures saved both Oman &
Gabon lots of money.

Best regards,

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Iain Dawson

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Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Ltd.

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