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Best Release Sub for a Sacrificial Stinger
12 May 2010
What would be the best stinger to use for dropping off a sacrificial stinger after a long abandonment cementing job ?

Doug Hodson
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I am new to the site but we are building a pump off bit sub here in the US that has been run numerous times to drill out plugs as well as cement. The design features a hex to transmit torque and can be built to match larger tubing sizes. Currently it is available in a 3.06" and 3.75" diameter with 8rd connections.

Eddie Payne
Bull Dog Tool, Inc.
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Hunting Welltonic have started supplying this type of tool in drilling sizes after great success with smaller thru-tubing tools.

There are 3 common sizes on the attached layout but anything specifically required can be turned around quickly.

Adam Gray
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I'm not sure whether this would be an economical solution for you, but one method used by Maersk Oil in Denmark is to run the sacrificial string on a liner hanger. The benefit of that is that they can set and release from the liner hanger before pumping cement. I think they lost confidence in the ability to release from other tools.

Derek Charlton
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we are using the Smith Drop of sub at Hess here in Perth. We have the Jack Bates on the North West shelf and reguarly use a 3.1/2" sacrificial sting to abandon our exploration wells. We have had a few issues but these have been sorted out through experience.

Mike Willis
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Have you considered fibreglass ?

Greg Crum
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The Smith Hydraulic Disconnect sub. They're near-hopeless at any aspect of selling it, but hands down, superior to anything else.

Fully rotatable, it's composed of two major components, locked together using s sliding-sleeve collet arrangement. A dart causes shear pins to release the sleeve, allowing the collet to collapse and the two major components to separate.

James Droiun
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Doug Hodson

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