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Maximum Torque for 13.3/8" Buttress
26 April 2006
Maximum Torque for 13.3/8" Buttress

Planning to drill with 13.3/8" casing. What is the maximum torque
that can be applied to a Buttress connection on 13.3/8" 68 ppf L80
casing (without torque rings)? The risk is casing connection
failure. The API make-up torque for the Buttress connection is
13,380 ft.lbs, but it is likely we will exceed this when drilling
with casing. I cannot find yield torque data for Buttress connection
in public domain.
What is other Operators\'experience (actual, empirical or opinion).

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Seems like a lot of heartache that could be avoided by using metal to
metal connections, i.e. New VAM, or am I missing something?
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We have used 13 3/8" Casing (68 ppf, BTC, NO torque rings) with the
Weatherford DS-II Drillshoe to drill 850 ft of shale. The observed
torque did not come anywhere close to the make-up torque of the
casing. As per attached summary sheet the torque did not exceed 1,000
ft.lbs. The anticipated torque during planning of the operation had
been 4,000 ft.lbs.
Torque while drilling was never considered a concern.

Huib Attema
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Speak with Randy [email protected];

He did it the right way adding tailor made washers to get pin to pin

See also the TKC connection Tuboscope Overseas has sold its TKC
Tubular Connections to TD Int´l


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The torque that we see while drilling with casing is typically low
in comparison to the max torque available at the connection, in the
case of buttress a field value of 70% of max torque is used in
drilling operations, Biggest issues that are seen with a connection
such as buttress is the fatigue issues in Deviated wells where long
rotational times are anticipated. These values can be found on the
connection manufacturer´s literature.

Mike Sutherland
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