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Cementing 7″ liner at 100 degree of inclination
11 August 2010
Hi folks

What experience do any of you have in cementing a liner at more than 90° of inclination? Any other concerns besides nil water loss and good centralization?
Any comments/advices would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Well data:
8½ hole section from 800m to 1300m length, build from 25° to 100° with 9°/30m doglegs.


Mike Runtewene
Medco Energi
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Hi Sandy-san !!

I am very gald to hear from you ! Wish you are having good time of retirement and enjoying your sailing.

Yes, those were crazy well, primary and kick off plug, we couldn't design the normal slurry weight 15.8ppg as normal horizontal well.
this industry is too small.

Best Regards and Stay in touch...
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Old liner hanger hand here again ..  if you cannot access a hold-down type liner hanger, then another option (that may assist) is to use a liner hanger with a weight-set integral liner top packer and run sufficient shoe track to help bump the liner wiper plug.

Bump it and hold some pressure (say 500-1000psi) while you pick up to pull the running tools and pull the liner hanger seal pack-off, after the cement job; depending on the hook-up, this should keep the hanger slips set and binding, and so provide some resistance to dragging it up the hole as you pick up the running tools to release the packer setting tool.

Set the packer. Now you have hold down, you could release the pressure now, but I would leave it on to see the pressure drop off when you pull the seal pack-off, showing the liner is not moving but the running tools are.

This method needs to be pre-planned, to ensure that you have the correct space-out of running tools between the packer setting tool and the retrievable liner hanger seal pack-off.

Another significant factor would be to ensure that you had a liner hanger hand who has run numerous jobs like this before; because the up and down weights and pressures are often different to that experienced in most liner hanger operations; you can see the string weight increase in the up-stroke without the liner vs. with it, which confused lots of people in the '90's (when these types of jobs first started!!)

Regards Paul

Note from moderator (Dave) : Despite Paul's claim to being an 'old' liner hand, I would like to clarify that the 90s he refers to are the 19-90s and not the 18-90s.  Lol
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This is Sandy, the DSV on the hook wells, in Brunei with Oharasan. As well as balancing the cement slurry with weighted spacers as Oharasan suggested. Please plan to use a double acting liner hanger set of slips i.e. as set of slips for upward movement of the liner when the liner running tool is released. The weight of the liner will be acting "up" the wellbore, if you see what I mean. Your cementing pressures will be strange also as the heavy spacer and slurry goes round the shoe and displaces lighter mud. The more you think about "hook wells" the more crazy things you will see.

Sandy Buchanan
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Yes, Brunei Shell has done 7" liner with 100~120° deviation.
And I did this cementing design and went to field for audit the job.
Liner hanger was provided from Baker, directional drilling was done by HAL, cementing was done by SLB.
Cement slurry  was designed with similar density with mud.
Ran 1/1 ~ 3/2 centralizers Spirolizer teflon type with less friction,liner was rotated without any issue to do cementing.

I also did cement plug back,kick off plug at 125° deviation due to missing the target.
If I am not wrong, TMD/TVD= 2000m/600m or so.
It was done by Brunei Shell in 2007~2008.

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One of our guys did numerous jobs like this for Shell Brunei (fish-hook wells) and we've done studies for other clients.

Our guy's on a rig drilling an ERD well onshore to offshore in North of Scotland (glorious sunshine today!), so I'm replying. You can hold the cement in place with heavy spacer pumped ahead of the cement. We've reviewed ECP options for other feasibilities, but I'm unaware of them being run in this application.

Don't forget double acting slips for the liner hanger if modelling suggests it will not remain in place through operations.

All the best

Iain Hutchison
Merlin ERD Ltd
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