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Drilling with Casing
11 August 2006
Does anyone have experience to share on using Drilling with Casing
systems, notably either the Weatherford or Baker systems.
We are considering utilising such a system, should it be necessary,
our forthecoming land drilling campaing onshore Thailand.

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Night Rep
Oil Search Limited
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In PNG we are using the Tesco drilling with casing running tool.
The tool is interchangeable and compatible with all casing grades
and sizes.
The last job we performed was with 13 3/8" 68# L-80.
Make up torque was 14,000ft/lbs. We installed Tesco MLT rings inside
the box connection which strengthened our torque capacity/yield to

We used a Hughes EZC304 drill shoe for this application. I prefer
the Weatherford drill shoe; however both require designated drill
out assemblies.

I am not familiar with other casing running tools, and all I can say
is that the Tesco CRT is a solid performer.
The rigs here in PNG run Tesco 500 series top drives, so the
compatibility is great.
Also a cement head adaptation is also available that we will be
trying in the near future.

Good luck.

Tim Walton
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Hess Corporation
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Mr Willis,

We used the Weatherford Drill-In system with the PDC drill-in
shoe. This was not in our well plan and we used the 11 7/8 casing we
had designed for the well. The casing connection was ill suited for
the job with respect to torsional limitations. We should have taken
the time to change out the tubulars to complement the Weatherford
drill-in system. As it was, we didn't have to rotate to clear tight
spots or clean out fill and basically it was ran as a conventional

Consultant [retired Shell staff]
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1998 Wk47 Tuesday: Neo Drill TESCo CWD [Casing-While-Drilling].
Canadian TESCo do it for a living. Lots of Publications on that
score. TESCO first offshore Casing Drilling Success; Pemex Casing
drilling with Tesco
World Oil's Casing Drilling Technical Conference;

Major Operators are after such a technology: See Brunei Shell Petr.
+ Weatherford WorldOil Casing Drilling Paper March 2004

Best Regards,
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