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Single String Drilling Team
26 October 2006
I am looking for a drilling management system document which a new small independent
Operator could use to set up a discrete "single string" drilling team. Is that term still used ?
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Dear Business Associates

The above was the recognised expert . His company Silica Services
is/was in Rijswijk +31 70 396 1735 FX +31 70 3939 171

Please also see booklet 'Managing Drilling Operations', Authors: Ken
Fraser Norwell, Jim Peden & Andrew Kenworthy

Best regards
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Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Ltd.
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Hi Paul,

We have located one which I have forwarded under separate cover
(author is not currently a SPREAD member, has developed the
checklists using recent lessons learnt and personal knowledge and,
being a true drilling professions, is reluctant to put his
incomplete version on the site).

We can do the same for other members, on the understanding that they
return an updated version once they've used it. We will then send
the original author a copy. Quid pro quo I think it's called.

Best wishes Dave Taylor
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