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Cold cut casing in Cellar
25 June 2007
For a Land Rig Operation: To remove the requirement for Hot work in
the Cellar area, during making Casing cut to install C-Section. Use
of Cold Cut machine. This would give us a cleaner cut and finshed
cut, Easier for Installing Pack off seal assy.
Does anyone have any information on a cold cutting tool which can be
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Weatherford also have cold cutters. Wachs are excellent cutters, we
have used in Iran in the past when cutting conductors on production
platforms. It is important that these machines are set correctly
before cutting, a few millimeters out and the machine will not cut
correctly and the only alternative is to hot cut as the machines
cannot recover from a bad set cut.
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We are currently using the Wachs cutter for our TLP operations in
West Africa. FMC are making the cold cuts.
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We were almost in a position to have to do this, as we could not get
the casing down to set hanger, due string weight and beyond point of
being able to retrieve. The plan was to run Red Barron to cut casing
internally. We were then going to lift off BOP and use a company
called Furmanite to cold cut casing using a water cutter. I am led to
believe that BJ Tubulars do this also.

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E.H. Wachs Company
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Would suggest as a first call try Furmanite Engineering - they are
specialists in cold machining & cutting. Most casing companies could
also probably supply this service.
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