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Searching for a low cost temperature sensor for shallow wells
04 September 2014

Does anyone know of a supplier that I could purchase a fairly low cost temperature sensor to run in shallow water wells? 
Max temp expected is about 80-90 degC and max depth is about 150-200m (fluid filled). Accuracy needs to be about 0.1degC. Doesn't need to be surface read out - memory mode more than adequate.
We want to log temp some shallow water wells prior to drilling the much deeper real exploration wells such that we can try to get an early handle on temp gradient in the region. It's just a little project at this stage, so need to keep costs low.
Thank you

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Iain, if you want to go cheap and cheerful have a look at SLB used to stick these (or similar) inside their DD tools. 
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We used a company called Lotowater out of Canada (near Toronto) for this kind of work.  They are very self contained (pretty much a bunch of Pelican cases) and they provide their own wireline in that kit.  Need only one guy and a pickup truck, van, etc.
It was a remote location in the Canadian sub-Arctic - a bit different than Kenya, but maybe similar logistical issues.

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Thanks All.  I've already talked to Expro slickline, BHI & SLB Wireline and Omega though I hadn't been offered thermocouple RTD's from SLB so I'll follow that one up.

Huib, this is for wells where we have not and will not be running wireline or MWD/LWD.   It's just some very shallow geophysical and water wells in Kenya which are drilled some months before the "real" drilling rig comes over to drill the exploration well.  Hence no historical data etc.
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Iain, If running these on slickline, your regular slickline provider should be able to source these for you. Altus (old Qserve) run these regularily and Omega Completions also supply.
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Have good look at our wireline-log header. BHT should be on it. No need for separate tool. Use the log temp data to construct a Horner plot for temp at various casing points and presto you have a rudimentary gradient.


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Hi Iain, SLB has thermocouple and RTD's for shallow observation wells in Canada that might be in your price range. What part of world do you need these.

Regards, John
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