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Use of VIT for deepwater welltest riser
10 August 2005
We're planning a deepwater welltest and suspect that the oil has a
high wax appearance temperature (WAT). Consequently we're
considering using a landing string of vacuum insulated tubing (VIT)
to minimize heat loss. Has anyone any experience of using VIT in
this application? If so, I'd appreciate hearing from you!
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Chevron Corporation
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Dave, yes please. I've talked to one of the service companies in
Aberdeen and they appear to be able to get hold of sufficient VIT
for our needs.
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Kingdom Drilling
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VIT, Has been planned for both Norwegian and Faeroes deepwater well
tests. (hydrate studies drove this requirement) Was never used as no
commercial HC were found. So VIT has been planned to be used in
deepwater applications so completions persons have done a lot of
ground work to prove validity. What I can state is; Not a lot of
these string availables. Therefore could be a long lead item if
cannot be immediately sourced? (e.g. 12months!) Handling would be a
concern (just like running all expensive tubulars) and may need some
more due care and attention.
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