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PS30 Slip Carrier Lost in Hole
17 July 2015
Just wanted to share with the wider group our current predicament in the hope that maybe you can avoid the same fate, and also to see if anybody else has encountered a similar problem and might be able to help with fishing suggestions.

We were tripping in hole on 5 7/8" DP, and were in the process of swapping to 6 5/8" inserts on the PS30's when one of the slip carriers became detached from the changing tool and fell into the wellbore. It travelled all the way down to the wellhead and wedged itself in such that we were unable to tripp a TJ past it. We cut the tube, dropped the BHA, and recovered the DP from the riser. We are now fishing, and have made a couple of magnet runs with limited success, and we are now into the "fabricated" fishing tools phase to see if we can recover this without lifting the stack.
Attached is photo of a 1/6 scale wellhead along with a 3D printed slip carrier illustrating what we are trying to recover.

My request would be firstly, don't let this happen to you by reviewing with the drilling contractor how they change PS30 slip carriers, and secondly if it has happened to you, or if you have any suggestions oon how to get this out of the well I would be most grateful.
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We first used PS30 slips with Saipem when working for Statoil in Norway. Although we had collar inserts the agreement was just to use them for DP and HWDP - with short BHA's it was quicker just to use the manual slips and dog collars for the collars.
statoil had no issue with the manual handling as we had a full risk assessment prior to changing over. I would suggest you speak to the drilling contractor and get some agreement on PS30 usage
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Hi Myles

Great news to hear you successfully recovered
from your sub-sea wellhead, you must all be mighty relieved.

Thanks to all who also suggested and to the team at Noble Energy for sharing your successful outcome.

Best wishes

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Instead of changing slip segments over the hole our standard procedure is to have the back-up set of slips (PS-495's on our rig) dressed with inserts for the next size of pipe. We then simply swap out the whole thing.
This procedure was implemented after hearing a similar story to your own.

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Try the Hydraulic Junk basket ADT (Aberdeen Drilling Tools).

It can be tailor-made to fit the geometry in question.

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Hi. it mandatory to lift the bop stack with bottom marine riser, it seemed wedged into wear bushing and stuck there therfore After lifting the bop with bottom riser it needs slinks with two hooks to go down underneath the slips insert, then make little tension with little hammering from wall side. safety and risk must be discussed by the team before the job. good luck and let us know how you will reterived.
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Appreciate the info and suggestions, I am happy to report that we were able to recover the fish last night using an "M" shoe that we fabricated in town and modified on the rig. Basically an 18" piece of casing with M's cut into it and the M's then bent inwards, small cut lip guide on the bottom that we rotated to get in behind the slip carrier and center it so we could swallow over it. 
This has not excatly been a fun filled couple of days, and again I would urge you to have that discussion with the drilling contrator over how and where they change inserts on PS30's, as I am now aware of at least two other instances where this same event has occured.
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I have had a similar experience where we fished it with an e-line magnet. I'm not clear on your exact circumstances ( subsea / surface stack ). With e-line magnets you need to ensure it is carbon steel and not cast.
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Presumably top of P30 is above top of wearbushing? If not could a modified tool/spear latch the WB?

If top of P30 is above WH top surface or in easy reach for ROV then this looks like a 2-7/8" DP job to get past fish to set a cement plug/s to secure well, displace and then unlatch BOP, skid off and get ROV to get something onto P30 and lift/float out.

Magnets in my limited experience only work if you have considerable surface area to latch onto.

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Alligator grab.
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Myles Barrett

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