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How to remember everything you have ever learned.
29 June 2015
The Supermemo model.

long term memory has two components; retrievability and stability. retrievability determines how easily we remember something, and depends on how near the surface of our consciousness the information is 'swimming' stability on the other hand, is to do with how deeply information is anchored within our brains. Some memories have a high level of stability but a low level of retrievability.

e.g try an recall one of your old mobile phone numbers - you probably won't be able to. But if you see the number infront of you? You will likely recognise it immediately.

Imagine we are learning a language. We have learned a new word and memorised it. Without practise, and over time it will become increasingly difficult to remember. 

The amount of time it takes us to forget however can be calculated, and ideally when we should be reminded of the word precisely when we are in the process of forgetting it. Indeed the more we are reminded of the word, the longer we will remember it.

This learning program is called Super-Memo and was developed by a Polish Researcher, Piotr Wozniak.

So if we remind ourselves of a best practise 'learning' 1 day then 10, 30 and 60days after a learning event. It is estimated that remembering will increase from a 90% probability of forgetting without the reminders after 60 days, to 90% liklihood to remember, with the reminders at these time periods.

i wished I had known this many many moons ago I.e. 

"it's not what is known, it's what you remember. Jan Cox"
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Nice advert for one of many Spaced Repetition theory programs! I would highly recommend referencing the Learning and Retention section of the Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Engineering (ISBN 9780199757183), though the whole book is good, or one of the many papers available on Learning Theory and some why Spaced Repetition may have some limitations when it comes to applied knowledge recall rather than automated response. But interestingly there are some issues to be seen with how the research into Spaced Repetition application is presented beyond around 1994-1996, where it became very commercial.....
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I recommend Evernote. Put good tags for searching.
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A wise man once told me a short pencil is better than a long memory.

I agree with what you are stating. We never seem to forget someone who has done us wrong.  We need to test our brains everyday. Otherwise we get slow and weak. 
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