Coiled tubing bridge plug milling

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Some years ago, I was involved with a coiled tubing operation on an ERD well where we planned to drill out a drillable bridge plug within the liner.

All the CT simulations showed that we would have very little weight to drill the plug out. We therefore used a tool run above the CT motor that when the bridge plug was tagged the CT tool activated by flow, anchored its self to the tubing wall and had a stroking mechanism to apply constant weight on the bit and motor to successfully mill out the bridge plug.

The tool worked well but I have not seen it again since.

Does anyone know of this tool or something similar?

Also, is there a tool that can be run on coil that would tell you how much weight you had applied on the CT tools when down hole setting a wireline lock?  I'm not looking for real time read out perhaps just a tool that would shear or read or store in memory the weight on bit whilst working at depth in a horizontal well.



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