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problems with tie back stabbing into PBR
09 October 2015
Has anyone had problems stabbing the tie back into the PBR?  Did you have a mule shoe design on the seal stem?  Did rotation of the pipe allow you to get stabbed in? 
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Michael Harvey
Secure Drilling Region Product Line Manager
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Eddie, check a couple of things.

The OD of the seals may vary for pipe weight, so check to make sure the appropriate seals are on the stinger.

Also make sure your pipe is open at surface so that you are not creating a piston effect with the entry of the stinger assembly.
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There are a number of different things that can make tie-backs difficult to enter PBR's not just the design and shape of the device on the end of the tie-back.

If this is a current operational problem contact me on [email protected] if not for the analysis of a past or future job consider the following:

1.  Is the PBR from the same manufacturer as the tie-back device or just supposed to be compatible?
2. Has the PBR been cleaned and dressed off by a proper set of mills from the PBR supplier?
3.  Is the top of the PBR likely to be centralised or decentralised and will the profile on the tie-back ride up into or stand up on depending on the orientation? A simple yard or deck check of the two parts coming together may demonstrate this
4.  If you can move up and down and rotate and circulate you can probably work it in if they are compatible.
5.  If you have limitations on what movement and circulation you can do consider sourcing a self orientating or rotating mule shoe or if a different style of guide is merited perhaps zero mule, 1/4 mule, 1/2 mule, etc.
6.  There are also some shearing indicator guides that help entry and confirm correct entry because they only shear when full entry had occurred.
7.  These days there are lots of options and in some circumstances a half mule shoe guide run straight down is simple not enough!! 

Good luck in current or future jobs.

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Suggest all "stingers" / tie back extension seal assy's should have a Muleshoe / WEG on them...And yes, this should help guide / facilitate entry into PBR (esp. if rotation / indexing is allowed) 
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