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Tripping Rate
06 January 2016


I am researching drillships but the one criteria that doesn´t seem to be listed is the tripping rate.  I appreciate it is reliant on a lot of variables including personnel and equipment but I wondered if anyone could advise roughly what it might be particularly for 6th generation ships.

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you Peter.  To confirm, at a more realistic rate of 10 (quad) stands per hour that would be 3600ft/hour? (i.e. 4 x 90ft x 10)  And are these conventional manual tripping ships or automated ships like "continuous motion rigs"?
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The claim will be up to 20stands (quads) per Hr in/out of marine risers and non restricted cased hole scenarios. 

Actual data at will show 10-12-15 stands average per Hr as rigs physical and evident capabilities.  Ill look through wells data and provide real time evaluations I have and shall post at first convenience. 

MLT Factors to also be considered in my view would be: 
Red equipment rig capability?
yellow rig's capability?
hoisting system?
hyraulic (ram rig) 
open hole?
cased hole?
riser tripping to 1st heavy weight?
bha times? 
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