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Options for Caliper in 12.25" x 13.50" UR hole
03 May 2018
Hi all,

Looking for a caliper tool that can be run in 12.25" x 13.50" UR BHA whilst drilling a troublesome formation with 1.80sg-2.00sg SBM system. Due to troublesome nature of formation it is important that this tool does not add additional drilling risks, particularly packoff risks whilst tripping - as such flowby/profile is important). Ideally it would be behind the under-reamer or alternatively ability to measure on trips with low circulation and ideally no RPM . Memory data is fine.

Does anyone know of tools that would fit the bill and give quality data in an under-reamed hole like this? It's a tall order I think so even tools that fit the bill partially would be interesting!

Cheers, David
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