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Riser running in deepwater: how frequently to test the c&k lines
02 August 2018
Dear all,

As the industry pushes into deeper and deeper water, the BOP/riser running time becomes very significant. We are doing more and more DWOPs for clients drilling in 1500m + water depth.

At this week's DWOP (2000m WD), we discussed optimising BOP/riser running.  The choke & lines are currently tested every 400m.  However, I would like to see if that could be changed to a test once through the spalsh zone, and then before picking up the lup-joint.

What are the rest of you doing and what is your experience? If you are doing as I propose, what are you doing to mitigate the risk (such as new c&K seals every time running the stack.

Many thanks


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