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Overside Working Requirements
04 August 2005

Overside working requirements can be reduced if semi-sub choke &
kill line connectors are modified so they can be installed
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A simple solution that we used on a semi in the Norwegian sector was
to fabricate a work basket that slotted into the guide funnels on
the BOP transporter. This was coupled up with a length of handrailed
walkway which slotted on to the rear of the basket and the
transporter. This allowed the person to walk to the basket and work
without the need for standby cover or safety harness as NPD
considered it as working within the handrails and not overside.

Odfjell Drilling (Norway)
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We are looking into installing " Cherry Pickers " in moonpool to
continioues have ongoing operation while running BOP without Near
standby boat.

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