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04 August 2005
When I look back, it was clear to me the rigs with the best safety
record were always the best performing rigs. Or you could say, the
best performing rigs were always the safest. The critical enabler
for these rigs was thorough planning. When an operation is well
planned, everyone knows their roles and the right tools are
available. Sound a lot like DTL! (Don Jacobsen - SEPCo Well
Engineering Manager)
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Well put Dave, and this point - Performance Excellence = Safety Excellence, and vice versa, is just as true now as it was when you wrote this 12 years ago.  We see this regularly on rig sites during drilling & well operations, both onshore and offshore... 

When tasks, critical activities, and projects are planned and communicated better, then teams perform optimally together, and ultimately, less accidents, failures, and NPT occur.
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