20 days free online training program on how to plan/design an extended reac

Dear members, I would be starting my 20 days free online course on how to plan/ design and cost an extended reach well with a lateral reach of 17000 km and above, also how to go to the field and implement the plan with a team. It would also embrace the kind of technical advice that the support engineer would give, when there is a change in the drilling plan. Its really hand on practice, it would also involve the day to day task of the drilling engineer. If you know that you want to acquire the knowledge and skill to leap in to effective practice as a drilling engineer with competency in extended reach well , for both exploratory/development drilling campaign in deep water offshore environment, including HP HT type of well, in an unstable formation, etc. I think , this is your opportunity to accomplish your short and long term goals as a drilling engineer. The criteria for enrollment is that:- (1) you must be an active member of Spread. (2) you must be either a drilling engineer orwellsite geoscientist with interest in extended reach well technology.The program is still going on. If you are interested to be part of the program, you can contact me through the following email address below: dsomiari@yahoo.com . its free. give it a trial, it would pay you back. Note: the above training is coin around the SPE competency drilling matrix, the completion of this program would also prepare you for the petroleum engineering registration exam. Note:- any kind of problem or query/question relating to the above course would be entertained

The modules are:
a)preliminary well design; torque & drag and buckling fundamentals.
b)Torque,drag and bucklig modeling and planning.
c)Hole cleaning, tripping and backreaming practice.
d)ECD management:surge and swab
e)Casing and drill pipe wear, vibration,wellbore stability.
e)Connection practices
f)Hole conditioning,differential sticking
g)Running of casing and liners in ER wells. Casing flotation.
e)Bit and BHA design, well path design for system approach, cementing.

A Certificate of completion would be issued.

Best regards. Divine
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