RACI Matrix (Roles and Responsibilities) for Completion Ops

In preparation for a well-specific Risk Assessment, a major player in the UK Sector wants to develop a comprehensive RACI Matrix(** see below).

This will cover : Cased Hole Clean-up, Running an Upper Completion, Coiled Tubing perforation, several proppant fracs (Sand), well flow and clean-up, Tree installation.

They are keen to avoid an "issue" they had last time .. which is why they wish to remain anonymous at this stage.

What do our members have that can assist with this, in terms of existing matrices, and/or other material (such as Roles and Responsibilities)?

Once this has been compiled (in the next two weeks) the final matrix will be emailed to everyone who has contributed a response to this and/or the last 10 discussions on SPREAD.

Thanks and Best wishes

Dave Taylor
MD of Peformance Consultancy .. Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd

*** RACI = Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed .. and it lists all the key activities and then assigns R, A, C or I to particular individuals (e.g Welltest Supv)
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