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Light weight corrosion caps
12 July 2005
Does anyone have used a lightweight corrosion cap which can be run
directly from the ROV spread with no drill pipe or wireline
assistance required? If possible, I would really appreciate any
further information / technical data. regards Harish
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ADTI run ROV deployable debris caps on several occasions. These are
designed more as debris caps than corrosion caps, to protect the
well from dropped objects during rig skidding operations. We have
recently run wellhead debris cap, as per the attached drawing, on
wells we have drilled for Lundin Broom development.
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How long could these Corrosion Caps be left on the well ? . in East
Med, a client is talking about leaving for a year or so ?? .. do
they have leaf springs to engage into the (H4 or equivalent) profile
on the 18 3/4" Wellhead housing .

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We have just recently taken delivery of lightweight corrosion caps
for 18 3/4 wellheads. They were supplied to our spec in an alloy
material by SubSea 7 and I believe they weigh less than 20 lbs.
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I have used Light Weight Debris caps which are ROV deployable with
great success. They were manufactured out of Aluminium and were used
during completion operations for covering the wellhead and
horizontal Xmas tree mandrels. On both occasions the debris covers
were deployed from surface with the ROV.

We used the following company to manufacture these items for BG and
found their service excellent and reasonably priced.

Kirkton Engineering.
The Works,
Station Road,
AB51 7HJ
Tel No 01467 651276

Contact Charlie Benzie.

If you need any additional info please let me know.


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Answer is yes, e.g. aluminium caps have been made/used that can
often be mounted on the TMS or cage type spread of the ROV.

Depends also on tooling/power/strenght capability of the ROV

However in many cases, work class vehicles with either/or 5function
or 7 function arms can deploy and remove such caps.


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