Heating of drilling mud

Dear all,

Does anyone out there have any experience of heating mud prior to
drilling into the reservoir, with the intention of minimising
emulsion blocking?

The concern is the formation of waxes and emulsions in the near
wellbore leading to a low PI for the planned welltest.

The prospect is a shallow (+/-3,700ft) heavy oil accumulation in the
UK North Sea. The well is an appraisal well which is to be drilled
from a semi in winter time. reservoir temperature is expected to be
105F. Prior to drilling into the reservoir the drill-in fluid will
be heated in the mud pits to approx 120F by means of deck mounted
steam generators and heat exchangers.

In particular, any experience or advice in temperature and heat flow
modelling for drilling, as well as the practicalities of maintaining
reservoir temperature in the near wellbore region during drilling and
well displacements would be gratefully received.
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