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running conductor casing
23 August 2005
30 inch Conductor Casing has slope indicator brackets 2m above
seabed.For installation of funnel shaped production guidebase before
rig release the brackets have to grinded using ROV because they
interfere with the guidebase.Before this intervention can be done
and started the surrounding area has to jetted by running in jet sub
on drillpipe.This consumes lot of rig time and can be more in deep

Can my colleagues in Aberdeen or elsewhere give us some lead or
example running conductor casing without slope indicator brackets
and save rig time and ROV intervention

Best Regards Anil Nagrath Perf Consultant Egypt Offshore

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Jetting conductor and drilling ahead?
If you have an MWD and/or inclinometer inside you drillahead string,
then you don't need these bullseyes at all? The survey tool will tell
you that you are straight. A straight hole <1deg will result in a
straight conductor?
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