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"Green" Casing dope
29 September 2005
Vallourec & Mannesmann recomend that Weatherford's
proprietary "green" casing dope Ecolube (ELS 325 AG)is not used on
VAM threads as it has not been through qualification testing.

Weatherford will not put the dope through VMOG's qualification test
due to price VMOG charge for the test. Weatherford do say that other
operators are using Ecolube on Vam Threads without any problems.

Is anyone else aware of this issue?
Is anyone using Ecolube on VAM threads?
Has anyone done any independent testing?
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I have had recent communication with Vallourec on this subject and
have been advised that the current status of qualification is:

They have qualified Jet Lube Seal Guard ECF on all premium
connections in carbon, 13%Cr and Super 13%Cr materials. They are soon
to qualify Bestolife 3010NM Special in carbon and 13%Cr - pending one
final test.

I have a contact name in V&M if you need it. Call me on 01224 351344.


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A user has responded with:

I would never consider using untested dopes let alone 'green' dopes.
I would organise a Joint Industry Project to sponsor it - perhaps
Weatherford could persuade a few potential customers to chip in.

I would go further, I would test each and every steel grade, each
and every outside diameter, each and every wall thickness, and each
and every thread coating before I would allow the product at rig

Our experience with testing dopes forced us to take that approach.
We can't afford leaks. I recall a particular combination that did
only fail after 66 cycles!

Lab testing pays off; any workover, costs more than the test...

Furthermore , not one product ended up failing...what happens we
learned out to make it work albeit the end product was totally
different from the original; only the supplier remained the same.
Look at the subscripts after the generic name - they mean the design
variations that took place meanwhile. This is my view why the
Vendors should test their products in the Lab, only doing so, can
they justify the prices they charge the industry.
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BG have invested a lot of time & effort on the issue of Green Dope.

BG performed a field trial of ELS325AG on L80 VAM top connections
for 13.3/8" & 9.5/8" casings a year ago. The results were good, with
no problems noted. The attached picture is of the casing after
pullling on the abandonment - no thread galling or damage noted.
In addition, BG have investigated dope for RL-4S premium grade
connections for surface casing in a project with Vetco. This
resulted in the selection of a new, certified product. This has been
used on two wells so far, without problem.
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