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06 October 2016
I'm currently working with a new start operator in the North Sea and am helping them with drafting their business management system (BSM). One element of the BSM which I am needing help with is in compiling a wells register. I am not sure of all the data which is normally recording in such a document so would appreciate if someone had a template of one which they could share with me.

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Please note:
The new operator will need to appoint a Well operator or take on that duty themselves (OGA authority), either way they will require to satisfy the OGA they are competent to be a Well Operator.
The wells register will also be required as a fundamental part of the Well Operator's Well Examination Scheme [Required under The Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) (Safety Case etc) Regulations 2015; Regulation 11 Establishment of Well Examination Scheme & Schedule 4; Matters to be provided in a Verification Scheme and a well examination scheme.], as such it may be subject to inspection by the "Competent Authority" when they inspect the Scheme.

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I would extend your search to include the countries like Norway (NPD), Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands because then you may find the most up to date wells register.
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Hello Ian,
You may want to start building your wells data category definitions by reading the data reporting requirements of the UK Oil and Gas Authority, their URL is listed below.
Regards Nick Gibson, GeoPetra Ltd

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