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Exploding Battery
07 March 2009
Has anyone done any research or got any information on battery safety?

We have had an incdient - a 12V battery exploded. The battery was on
permanent charge - self regulating charger. The charger is a "smart
charger" supposed to stop when charged. Also, the battery has a vent
in it, so if the pressure builds up it bursts the vent valve. It was
relatively new too - < 3yrs old. The battery was a ”œMaintenance Free”
gel lead acid type battery.

We work in a tropical climate. The protective box is well
ventilated, and the incident ocurred in the evening - cooler weather.

We are wondering whether there is such a product as an explosion
proof battery, or other recommendations to eliminate this risk in our
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I've asked my parts store buddy and he's asking what temperature the
battery was at? Freezing temps or very hot?

Bobby Renard
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Tony Williams

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