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Openwells BHA reports
13 July 2017
The standard OpenWells BHA reports do not show AKO on motor or turbine as well as stabilizer sizes. So we cover this data in the item description. Can anybody share a solution how to  create proper BHA listings in OpenWells ?  Maybe someone has created a query creating the BHA listing in the Data Analyzer that he/she could share ? 

PS: this Landmark software is used for 20 years but still not fit for purpose to feed the consultants.  

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Interesting question to be having in 2017.  In 1988 I was representing DIMS (Munro Engineering-Calgary) in Australia through a company I founded and then got ejected because mainframe based asset managers found off the cuff report designs from DIMS and Lotus123 were to confronting because of audit complexity.   The opportunity is you can have a programmer collect and collaborate all data inputted at the rig site to do a report in a format that lets everyone see the truth.  
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