Liner-drilling 16" (liner size)

Hi folks

At one of last month's workshops, we were discussing the Well Design, which requires casing off a fairly short section that has some 'awkward' shales.  It's offshore, from a moored semi in 'moderate' water depth, relatively benign waters.

The current plan is to drill 17½" hole, run and cement a 16" drilling liner.

We then got around to discussing drilling-with-liner.  To the best of the knowledge of those in the room, this was not an available/proven technology.  So we reverted to the original scheme.

Please could members advise their experience (if any) of this technology:
  • What went well - and to assure this can be repeated
  • What didn't go well - recommendations to avoid
I'm sure that our Service Co colleagues will have something to add, but we are especially interested in learning from end-users.

Many thanks


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