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MWD survey interference
09 January 2018
Proximity Drilling Management LLC will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to obtain industry support for an mwd interference monitoring app to monitor real-time interference and estimate offset wellbore proximity. We hope to obtain sufficient support to move from a "minimum viable product" to  a fully commercial application. In addition to the minimal funding requirement, we also hope to gain access to existing mwd survey data in congested drilling situations for collaborative improvements to this (minimum viable) product.

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Proximity Drilling Mgt
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Here is a link to the Kickstarted project. Any questions, please contact

Proximity Drilling Management LLC has been vetted by Kickstarter and will soon launch its campaign to obtain funds to properly commercialize the Clear Bubble concept. Why Kickstarter? Please read on.

CBID 1.0 provides a visual warning of an unacceptably close approach to one or more offset wellbores while drilling. Using established methods, CBID 1.0 evaluates the MWD interference to conventional "short" surveys that may be caused by the magnetic properties of one or more unacceptably close offset wellbores. 

With CBID1.0, the MWD operator can quickly report the importance of changes in measured total field and magnetic "dip" that is often seen in MWD surveys. In the past, it has been very easy to misunderstand the combined effects of changes in total magnetic field and dip.

CBID 1.0 has almost no impact on normal drilling operations. Early adopters via Kickstarter will receive what is known (mostly to software developers) as a minimum viable product (MVP) version of CBID 1.0.

In exchange for your early buy-in, we hope that many of our participants will be able to collaborate in the ongoing development of CBID 2.0 by providing real-time short survey MWD survey data for review. With this valuable user feedback we anticipate an upgrade to CBID 2.0 within one year that will include a continuous top-hole monitoring capability. PDM LLC will be on hand to advise all aspects of participants use of CBID1.0

If you have read this far you probably understand the difficulty of introducing new concepts to our industry. Commercial interests do not always coincide with the interests of the industry as a whole. It can be difficult to attract attention to relatively small endeavors that may not be obviously "profitable". In the narrow field of MWD survey management this is particularly true. Industry groups (ISCWSA and API RP78) have struggled with this issue particularly among smaller Operators and service providers. It is very difficult to impose operational standards on a industry group as diverse MWD operations and survey management..

The purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is not only to raise funds, but to obtain "buy-in" from the largest possible potential user base to enable what is expected (but not yet proven) to be a useful and risk-mitigating product for directional drilling operations. When proven effective, there will be a very low cost of entry for an extremely cost-effective risk-mitigating product.

The Kickstarter CBID 1.0 campaign offers the opportunity for all to participate in the early stage development of a simple and useful concept that will eventually be available to all drillers and mwd service companies regardless of size or market share. (Note: There are no patent restrictions on the "clear bubble" concept. PDM LLC filed a provisional application that was allowed to expire, Access to the underlying concept is open to all.)

Please have a look on Kickstarter. We hope you will join us in this effort to bring an innovative new product, available to all in our segment of the oil, gas, and geothermal drilling business.

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