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Pulling old carbon steel tubing
20 March 2018

Hi all

I'm trying to get a feel for the difficulties experienced when pulling old carbon steel tubing and clamps from 30 - 40 year old wells, some of which have been shut-in for most of that time, some of which have been producing / injecting for that period. 

Particularly interested in the time taken to pull and fish the tubing (severed at top packer depth), clamps and control line with an idea of the %age of wells this time applies to if you have more than one well's experience.

(I'm reasonably content with experience of 15% Cr tubing strings although your experience of clamp retrieval with Cr pipe is also of interest in terms of age.)

Much obliged. 

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Derate tensile and torque strengths for tubulars in relation to their age.  
Might be a piece of cake, or a nightmare. Consider long term payback potential for various scenarios. 
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Some more detail would help... csg/tbg sizes /wts, single /duel string, pkr removal required, if so pkr type, depths, type of rig to be used, onshore/ offshore, verticle / deviated, etc. Even with all details wells this age can be very simple to work over then the next may requre some major wash over and or milling. There is no set answer....
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