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Stuck CT after screening out frac proppants in entire well
09 May 2018

We have an issue on hand - and I am turning to you to hopefulle get some good input and ideas for how to get out of this problem without loosing the well.

2" CT was run in production tubing (5 1/2" x 4 1/2") to pump frac proppant in several zones. At the second last zone, the frack screened out all the way to surface. 

To make a long story short:

We are now stuck with CT at 950 m. CT is anchored in frack sleeve at +- 3400 m.
There is communication through the CT to reservoir. Annuli side is packed off. Heated ISW has been pumped down annuli side to try to break gel in the proppants - no go. N2 has been pumped down annuli in to try to lift sand/proppant out - no go.
WT of CT is highes on top with 0.204" and decrease to bottom to 0.134".

Citric acid has not been tried yet. N2 down CT has not been tried (not sure if we ought to try this option)

We are looking into solutions of cutting CT with WL and fishing in pieces. Motor, washover pipe and overshot. Explosives seems to be the only cutting option, as CT is in compression so plasma cutter wont be ideal.

There is also a group looking into cutting CT and then pull upper completion with CT and proppants inside. I am not to keene on this. 

Have anyone of you experience with this situation and how to get out of it?

Experiences with fishing CT pieces? 
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Have you contacted these guys? They should be able to help
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