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Unseating dual tubing hanger with 3-1/2" ITCO spear (Mcevoy platform wellhead system)
07 July 2018
We are currently trying to recover completion in preparation for reservoir abandonment.
We have made multiple attempts using 3-1/2" ITCO spear to unseat tubing hanger with dual 3-1/2" tubing strings cut deep below at ~8,950ft MDBRT.
1st attempt - Engaged short string tubing & took straight pull to 340klbs MD (~80% tensile limit for spear) - lost the grapple.
2nd attempt - Engaged short string tubing & took straight pull to 200klbs MD - lost the grapple.
3rd attempt - With 4-3/4" fishing jar incorporated in the BHA. Engaged long string tubing, repeated cycles of jarring at max load 95klbs and straight pull to 315klbs MD - no movement. Released spear, POOH and inspected BHA - spear mandrel and grapple in good condition.
4th attempt - With 4-3/4" fishing jar incorporated in the BHA. Engaged long string tubing, repeated cycles of jarring at max load 95klbs and straight pull to 340klbs MD - no movement. All tubing hanger tie down bolts confirmed to be fully retracted - they have been serviced multiple times and confirmed to be intact.

Any thought or suggestion on what can be done differently would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Do you already open your annulus valve? 
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A wellbore ;schematic would help to best understand your problem. Based on this, others may be able to help and assist.
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I wonder if it it is not better to speak with the dual packer manufacturer as some packers have locking devices which can only be put out of action by milling through one of the holes.
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I have seldom seen a grapple fail like that. Are they new,un-run grapples, or are they dull?
it makes a difference. 
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  What is your jarring string, bumper sub, jars, dcs and accelerator? What is your depth RT to wellhead?
  You have 2 strings of tbg weighing approx.. 160 k hanging below the hanger so jarring at 95 k that close to surface may not be effective, perhaps a  6 1/2 jarring string properly configured could get where you could be jarring efficiently at least close to weight of the fish weight.
  Are there rig jackers in your neighbor hood? That is the safest way to pull on a hanger, it can get a bit scary when things come apart with 350k pull......
  Barring that cut the tubing string shallow and repeat.....
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